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Yes many of you may remember my dreams of owning a real working paddler! Well last weekend (Cup weekend for those Aussies playing at home) I obtained a nice wooden row boat hull!

It needs some work yes, but she's a real gem when it comes down to it. (there was no pun intended there for those Aussies playing at home!)

She's about eight foot long so she took some interesting trailer stacking to get her home...but she was worth it I only ended up paying AUS $160 for her.

So that afternoon (tuesday the 1st of November) we slid her into the water just to see how dire the repairs would have to be. well she took no water so my grandpa and I got in the boat...still no dramas, then my gf's dad got in aswell so that was three and we were fine.

As the oars that came with the boat were probably in the wrost condition of anything that came with the boat my Dad got me some fence pailings to paddle with, my gf hopped in the boat and we began to paddle around the lake!

It was a real party with champaign and all.

Then the boat came out of the water and we moved it onto some logs and that's where I've been working on her for the past week. Stripping paint off her (which is something other people should have done because there are about 5 layers of paint on her in parts.)

I plan to have her stripped with a new coat of paint by the start of next year! And mum is complaining about me working on her straight away ("oh Sean couldn't you have worked on her over winter, she looks so lovely on the lake")

Here's some photos of what is now known in my house as "Boat" Day and not "Cup" Day

So now the work begins I will keep you updated here. And I plan on making a DVD of the whole process when I'm finished so then you can all buy a copy and support keeping the boat afloat for another few years!

Hi Sean,

The boat looks like a lot of fun!

What you plan on doing to it then?

Look forward to seein it progress!



Ok so here's what's been going on with my paddler lately.

So far lots of paint stripping however when I say lots really only a little has been done. It's a slow process and I don't have unlimited time at the moment because exams are just on the other side of tonight.

But today some progress in finding a way to quickly remove paint from the boat. We went down to Bunnings (Dad and I that is) and we purchased a heat gun and some paint stripper! Hey it's all worth a try to get this stubborn 3 or 4 layers of paint removed!

Well progress this week will basically be at a halt but I'm on holidays in a matter of just over a week and a half! yessssssssssss

Then you will all see some more progress.

My plans so far is to have typical Aussie "square" paddle boxes, you know the ones with the angle they aren't really square! Ok then a small little cabin bit at the front to house the wheel and dashboard etc and then a roof will extend down to the rear of the boat to protect crew/passengers from the dangerous Aussie sun!

yes I know she's only a small boat!

Ok thanks to Scot Friend (I think....) who sent me a link to a Swedish boat, the liberty belle supposedly the smallest paddler in Sweden (I think it's sweden anyway!) it finally made me realise a way of fixing my paddle wheel issue!

My issue was that the boat has a very low draught....a few centimetres at the very most! Australian paddlers (usually) have their sponson decks at the same level as the top of the hull and this is how I planned to do my paddler...but the wheels would have to be a) massive and b) placed lower in the hull which could look weird!

Liberty Belle opened my eyes...lower the sponson decks to the side of the hull!

This will also be much easier to do as well becasue the side of the boat is pretty much flat and I don't have to worry about bending wood etc to match the top of the boat! The wheels can be smaller and all in all should (hopefully) work out great!

Well thats the optimistic bit out of the the bad news eh! Still stacks of paint to chip off! We seem to be getting nowhere!!!!!!!!
Have some paint stripper and a heat gun so we'll give that a go!

For my b'day (november the 28th) I got some bunnings gifts cards (bunnings being an Aussie ((MASSIVE)) hardware store) they sell fibre glassing matting and resin, stripping tools, wood, bla bla etc etc so I'm sure the cards will be spent quickly!

Thats all the news on the Grebe for now....have I posted that that is her name? I think I have!

How do you intend to power the wheels again, some type of crank inside or will it be motorised?
I've been thinking about this project off and on and was wondering if it would be possible to use parts from an electric wheelchair.... :roll:


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