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Eddy Matthews:
One of our newest members, Ivan Horejsi, has uploaded a load of photos of his models in the Photo Gallery - Take a look, some nice steam powered models. I particularly like his early paddler!

Welcome to Paddleducks Ivan, please take the time to tell us a bit about the models....

Went to the science museum yesterday, to look at the 'shipping' models. Just uploaded about 20 pictures (I tried to remember to reduce them to about 100k but I think one slipped through, it's an impressive model though and shows the detail best at the size it is.....but feel free to resize it if necessary)

Tried to upload some photographs, probably in the 130K region each and got the following error message

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 13952 bytes) in /home/eddy8757/public_html/smf/Sources/Gallery2.php on line 5069

Think I've burst your gallery. I've possibly been a bit too enthusiastic uploading in recent days. Will backtrack when I get time and  try to trim down number and size of content.

Feel free to zap anything yourself in my galleries which you think past its sell by date.


Eddy Matthews:
That error is caused by an image with too many pixels Andy, not the filesize.... Basically our Host server runs out of memory trying to create the medium and thumbnail image when processing the photo.

Just reduce the quality of the image slightly and it will be fine.... If you have problems with that, send the images to me via email ( ) and I'll sort them for you...

I hope that makes sense?


Makes perfect sense Eddie, should have thought of that one myself. Thanks for the prompt reply.


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