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Author Topic: RMS Connaught , 1860 (was: taking pictures at the London Science Museum)  (Read 28904 times)


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Erm...Not sure what you're on, Derek - but can I have some?  ;D

Anyway, here are the feathering rods. There are a few glitches I still need to fix, but it *should* work.




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And a picture of the whole thing as it looks now. This will be one sweet steamer :)

Offline Eddy Matthews

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The Connaught is looking very stylish Oliver, well done!

It's just a shame that the real boat was so BIG, which makes it an impossible subject for a working model for me - Transportation, and my knackered back (held together by screws and plates) would make it impossible to launch :(

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Re: RMS Connaught , 1860 (was: taking pictures at the London Science Museum)
« Reply #48 on: February 15, 2012, 09:51:36 PM »
Good afternoon!Has Seen the photo RMS Connaught and has too solved his(its) build,but can not find the drawings.You will Not say,where their possible take?Answers or on this forum,or on e-mail :)


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