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Anyone interested in easy build Classic RC model schooners or sloops?

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Walter it is indeed Emma C Berry, with a few mod's I was sailing on Victoria Au's Albert park lake when a squall hit laying her sails flat on the water. Unfortunately I hadn't pinned the hatches.

After some thought I removed all the ballast from within the hull, cut a length of 3/4" copper pipe the keel length melted the lead and poured it in the tube and attached it to the keel.

With the lead a further 1 1/4" she was much more stable.

My wife Jo found  this model on a local buy swap & sell for $180 I couldn't resist.
hull length stern to bowsprit tip 115 cm or 45"static model.

That looks a bit like a Bluenose model.

It is indeed a Bluenose model.

I received a nice gift from my wife yesterday a 10 cent Canadian 1978 coin with Bluenose engraved on it.
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