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thanks are in order again to Damien and his son for keeping us afloat. and thanks too again to you Eddy for your long-term efforts. I haven't been here that many years but I certainly appreciate all your efforts. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you might again find the spark to practice your hobby, and if not, at least stay around and say hello now and again.
   Damien and rendrag , you probably don't need any advice but since this forum is open and  you are hosting it on a business server, I would certainly take extra cautions that any sensitive info might be at risk and paths need to be secure. Hacking seems to be a way of life for too many and I would hate to see PD .as a pathway to trouble. 
  I'm certainly looking forward to a few more years of activity here and hope to continue to be a productive member.

No problems Dave Whilst I'm almost IT illiterate Damien's Business is setting up and hosting corporate sites his first job was NSW freight satellite tracking as a 16yo he'll have no hassles to sort wheat from chaff.

Hi to Damien "rendrag" jun. from Vienna also, and so many thanks to Eddy and BOTH Damien`s  to go further with it.
Best regards

Hi rendrag. (Jnr).
Welcome to PDs and thanks for rescue mission.


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