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If it all still works I'll keep it for sure no hope of working out the wiring now without a schematic diagram of it all.
each winch has 2 limit switches, a servo with 2 micro switches for winch forward and reverse as the pic's show wires everywhere.

Officially the schooner belongs to my son as after my brain surgery in '94 I was not expected to live 2 of my brothers fought over who would get the model that their dad built they were 5 and 6yo at the time it was built and had no idea of the circumstances regarding it's builds I signed it over to my son to go to first son of each generation.

When I posted this thread I forgot a some major details firstly she been to the bottom of Albert Park Lake (where the Aussie F1 GP) is held very cold day mid July '78 or '79 was a great day until she was hit broadside by a squall  that laid her sails flat on the water where surface tension of the wet cotton sails kept her until the hatches floated off and she sank  desperate me stripped of to jocks and shoes and jumped into freezing chest deep water and left my glasses behind Emma was about 100ft out headed in general direction the choppy conditions meant I could only see the top of the main mast in the trough of the waves.

Needless to say lots of time and effort was required to dry her out, I removed all the lead ballast melted it down and poured it into a piece of 3/4" copper pipe the length of the keel which was shaped and pinned and glued to the keel it can just be seen in the fore and aft photo's

I've taken a new lot of pic's of photos from my album.

And the winches.


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