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Bill Hudson:
Bestine is for artist type rubber cement and is probably available at any art supply store. I think it is a Dupont product.  I don't have any on hand now.    Lighter fluid works ok but is oily and does not always cut the goop.  Naptha (white gas or Coleman lantern fuel) also comes to mind but I  would do a small test with it first.  Be aware all these  are very flammable.

Hi PD's - Eddy - if you haven't killed the yacht  :crash with all of these nasties, try WD40 or RP7 dewatering aerosol sprays - these are the only substances that eliminates sticky goo left from lables - Derek

Actually there was a product recently available down here Derek called 'Magic Erasers' or something of the like, they were little square sponge like cubes that you just rubbed on those damned label residue thingies left on dishes etc and it would come right off!

They could also be used if your kids decided to paint some artwork onto your walls! Mum liked them...for the first reason not the second, I think she'd be worried if at my age I took to wall art!

Eddy Matthews:
Great news - I decided to try Dereks tip since I had some WD40 in the house, and low and behold it works great!! I have to admit I had my doubts about it working, but work it most certainly does.....

Now I can get my boat cleaned up properly and apply some new deck patches - Hopefully I'll get it on the water next week :-)

Hey - hold on :nah - do ya think we OZ people came down in the last SHOWER :?:, river wood, redwood, WD40 - all part of the Australian hertatage ..........I am sure Pete W, Sean, Martin & all OZ PD's would agree  :D - Derek


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