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Eddy Matthews:
Anyone into IOM yachts?

I have one where I've had to remove the dacron deck patches to do some work inside the hull - But now I'm left with the adhesive residue on the deck, what should I use to remove it before applying new deck patches?

The hull is wood with a light glasscloth and epoxy coating, so I don't want to try anything too harsh and risk damaging the hull finish...

Can anyone help please?

Bill Hudson:

Over here we have a  rubber cement solvent called Bestine which removes most tape goop with out any problems. It is even safe on plastics.  When I was in the appliance service business I ran across the packing tape residue on shelves and plastic liners of new fridges. I use Bestine to remove that stuff with great success.  


Eddy Matthews:
Cheers Bill,

I'll do a search and see if I can find a UK supplier... Do you know who manufactures it?

Hi All,
 :D  :)

Eddy...get hold of some of the old type lighter fuel (very refined petrol) this will remove most tape adhesives and will certainly not harm the epoxy coating.

BTW...your deck chair is on the order books... :hehe  :hehe  :music

Best regards.


Eddy Matthews:
Cheers Sandy,

I'll give that a try.....  Bugger me, a steam engine manufacturer that can even advise on yachts! What more could you ask for?  :shhh


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