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Broder Incertus:
I saw a rather cute, small (62 cm) "fun scale" junk, Junkit, in a magazine, a kit made by M and M Development. I tried to order one, but I couldn't: the box would be too big, and it would be too complicated and too expensive (though how expensive I have no idea) to ship to Sweden. Does anyone know anything about Junkit and/or M and M? Did I have a lucky escape? :?    
I'm rather intrigued by chinese junks, and I saw somewhere (I wish I could remember where) a paddler with a junk rig.

Hello all, M and M developments have beeen around for a good while . I've not personally ordered from them but I think they are a part-time operation. Their web page is for the "junkit" Not too sure if the hull size mentioned has any cor-relation to the overall box size? I did  not think the size excessive.



Broder Incertus:
More expensive but no more complicated than shipping one to Aberdeen I would have guess, but I guess I'm wrong.

I have to find myself another junk. MRB has some junk plans in their plans catalogue, but I don't know of any other kit.


Broder Incertus:
No information about the actual cost of shipping, in fact, no reply what so ever …

Any suggestions for a kit, plans, something? Chinese junk, or something similar, a simple scalish sailing boat?


Eddy Matthews:
Hi Torbjörn

I don't know of any kits, but here's some plans for a Chinese Junk, and some others for an Arab Dhow....


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