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Paddler at local harbour


I found this for sale on ebay:

Very interesting image and local to me.

Any ideas on the ship's identity??

Walter Snowdon:
It's one of the excursion paddlers from bridlington which made regular trips to whitby in the victorian and Edward Ian period I can't identify it as yet as my two books on Yorkshire paddlers are out on loan at present regards walter

Thank you for that Walter...I will try using Google to get more info thanks to your lead.

Walter Snowdon:
I've looked at my postcard collection and I am pretty certain it is the S Scarbourer which made regular trips between Scarborough an whitby during the summer season during the victorian and Edward Ian period. I  have six cards in my collection each of a different paddler but all taker from the khyber pass viewpoint. Regards, walter

Thanks Walter.


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