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Graupner Glasgow Paddle Tug


Dave Weaver:
Hi all.
I wondered if anyone had a set of building instructions for the Glasgow Paddle Tug? I purchased a second had model of a gent from Preston, and when I came to look closely at it, the paddles had been installed on the wrong side (which made them backwards). Before I start cutting it apart, i would like to understand what is beneath, so that I don't cut through any vitals.
Also, I thought the paddle covers would be better removable, so that maintenance could be done. It already has separate paddle motors, and is set up with a twin throttle unit on a Graupner Navy rc, which i would like to convert from 40mhz to 2.4ghz when the model is sorted.
So, if anyone has pdf's or copies that I could have/purchase copies of, I would be very grateful.
Kindest wishes, and good paddling, Dave W 😊


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