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Eternal father (hymn)


Roderick Smith:
Twice in 2 weeks I have been playing youtube versions of this hymn.
Australia's RAN had an international fleet review in Oct.13 to mark the centenary of its first fleet review.  In my article, I drew upon my mother's memories of her brother's WWII service on a minesweeper.  Countless churches around the nation (harmonium in the country; pipe organ in the city) played the hymn 'Eternal father' every Sunday to think of the local lads away.  The phrase 'For those in peril on the sea' made this the adopted hymn of seamen everywhere: navy, merchant marine, fishermen, lifeboat operators.  It was sung in the film 'Titanic', and (in the absence of more arcane rituals) I played a rendition at the renaming of my boat.  Last week I was at a funeral of a long-standing railway enthusiast (late 80s) whose working career had been as an engineer on tugboats.  Masonic Choir sang the hymn, with just a piano accompaniment.  I have now found a version tinkered specifically for submariners, with a stunning set of photos to accompany, and the words to let you sing karaoke fashion.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor


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