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New Project - Engel Type IX D2


Peter Webster:
Hi Guys,
              I have just started a build on the Engel  U-boat type IX D2. Boy what a kit, has anyone else built this, so I can pick your brains before I mess something up

a paddle submarine?


the bombus:
a substernmarinepaddler??a sidewheelunderseavessel??
Hey, just kidding , i also just finished something that does not paddle :o
the main thing is ... just having fun and enjoying yourself .
just promise that the next one will be paddling :azn:
greetings from The Bombus

Peter Webster:
Hey you lot,
                   I already have a PS Pevensey, Captain Sturt and A blockade runner and the next model after the Type IX  is to be a 1/24 scale PS Pevensey powered by a Graham twin cylinder steam engine.
So please go easy on me for wandering off the straight an narrow I promise to try and be good from then on.
Peter W


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