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RMS Connaught , 1860 (was: taking pictures at the London Science Museum)

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I'm researching the four-funnel paddle steamer "Connaught" of 1860. I understand that the London Science Museum exhibits a 1/48 scale model and was wondering if any member here lives close to the museum and would be so kind as to take a number of detailed pictures of the model for me. Here is one picture I found on the web:

Thank you very much!


Walter Snowdon:
I seem to remember seing a good fold out plan and lecture notes on Connaught in a copy of  THE TRANSACTIONS OF THE INSTITUTE OF MARINE ARCHITECTS. I cant remotely remember which year but it would have been shortly after the building of her. These volumes are exremely large and the nearest collection to me is in the Sunderland library- the staff have to get them from the basement and last time i was there needed a sack-barrow to carry four volumes! Regards, Walter.

Thank you, Walter! Unfortunately that won't be an option for me :(  I don't think there are holdings on this side of the Atlantic either, though I will check. Would you be able to take a look if you happen to do research there? I'm in no hurry - I figure this is at least a couple of years away.

I did find a deck plan for the "Ulster" on the French Govt site, which may do for the general proportions. Together with detailed pictures of the Science Museum model that may be sufficient to develop a 1:250 card model. I've done something similar with the "Livadia" for which a kind lady in Glasgow made a trip to the Transport Museum for me.



I don't live near the museum but do often go to london and sometimes take a look inside (it's free!) I'll be sure to get some pictures of the model next time I go.
I think this was it (?) last time I just took general pictures of almost everything paddler-related and don't remember what all the models were!

Hi Mick - yes, thank you, that's exactly what I need! I'll be happy to send you copies of my current card model kits if you're interested, and of this one when it's done!  There's no rush, I have plenty to do in the meantime, but when you do get to the museum I would greatly appreciate the following pictures:
- Close-up shots of the deck (in overlapping sections, so that everything is covered at least once)
- Close-up shots of a paddle wheel & box, level, if possible
- Head-on shots of bow and stern, respectively
- Hull-level profile shots of the hull and superstructure, in sections if necessary.
- Masts and rigging.

Again, thank you so very much!




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