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Latest addition to the collection a little 'shaky'


Yesterday I went antique shopping with my mum and girlfriend and purchased some new things for my collection.

Firstly a new book on the Murray, with a chapter on the boats by Ian Mudie and a tourist guide to towns along the river with illustrations looking like it's from the 70's!

Secondly and much more exciting I bought a pair of salt shakers, tourist gift nick nacks once from Mildura. They're porcelin salt and pepper shakers with a paddler on top (I believe Adelaide at her time of Hopwood Gardens Fame) but they also carry two names on the side. PS Melbourne and PS Canberra (depends on which paddle steamer falvour you prefer on your chips you see!) So for both to be in Mildura I'd say they would have to be from the sixties...however I will look into it more soon and update this post.

The layers of dust that were on them have also been cleaned off so they're all sparkly and new!

Good day of purchases on my account!


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