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Walter Snowdon:
Where to start? I have been collecting paddler memorabilia for best part of 50 years and the biggest problem is remembering what ive got and which of many cardboard boxes they are in. Yes, its fine collecting, but sorting and catalogueing is a different matter! for instance, I have 6 fat files of plans and articles, not to mention those still in books and magazines.  Then we come to books. Ive just done a quick count of just 2 shelves and there are 97 paddler related books. there are another four shelves, plus boxes "filed" in the loft. I have an almost complete set of Maid of the Loch  timetables More than is on  display on the Maid.  In excess of 1000 post cards of paddlers (earliest posted from Glasgow in 1894)  Six albums of photos (model and full size) Timetables for the Belle fleet, Red funnel, Buff Funnel, Campbells, Medway, etc. etc. and so the list goes on. When I pop my clogs a lot will go to good friends, but the majority will go to Paddle steamer Preservation Society archives toward the day when they can establish a paddler museum. Regards, Walter.


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