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Eddy Matthews:
Hi Guys,

I've been taking a look at the old Yahoo forum, and I've updated our "WebLinks" page with all of the sites that are still active.

I then started to take a look at the photo albums, and although I can move the photos over to this site, there are a couple of problems - The first is that it would take me forever to do it! Secondly, and perhaps more importantly I have no idea who posted which photo! So there's no way I could give due credit for each model etc...

So I'm asking for YOUR help! If you've posted photos on the Yahoo site, please try to upload your own photos here so everyone can marvel at them.... Click on "Photo Galleries" at the top of this page, create your own "personal gallery"  and everything should be straightforward from there - If you have difficulties you can always email the photos to me and I'll do it for you, but if you do that PLEASE PLEASE give a description of each photo and your full name so I can credit the photo to you!

If you need to email photos, please send them to that has a 20Mb mailbox, and I have a decent broadband connection so the size of the images shouldn't create any problems.

Your help in this would be greatly appreciated, as it would be a real shame to lose all those photos when the Yahoo group closes.



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