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Derek Warner:
Good to hear Tony that I was not the only one with questionable response
from the motor mixers, although I don't think the clockwise or
anticlockwise rotation of simple low voltage DC motors would have little
if any bearing on performance/current draw @ start etc

These motors have the stator coils symmetrically placed on axis, same
with the rotor coils, the carbon brushes are [usually] at 90 degrees to
the axis of the comutator

Again many of the motors lower cost motors have precision sintered
bronze plain bushes, some have a sintered bush on the comutator end & a
combined load & thrust bushing or minature load & thrust ball race on
the output shaft end

Any geared motor [eg., windscreen motor] has a design rotation so that
the back lash between the worm & worm wheel is taken up by a single ball
[bearing] in the end of the housing - I was a little a gust three years
ago when I realized my intended windscreen motor for Decoy would be
running in reverse & the digital multi meter & tacho proved this

I suppose in a perfect world is would be great if one of the radio
control manufactures would offer a radio conversion kit for marine work
where we have two independent throttle controls in the one quadrant -
regards Derek

michael claxton:
Hello All from Victoria, BC

I have a fairly beefy tug hull powered by two Robbe motors and their gearbox units. I obtained a mixer thinking that would keep simple steering simpler! I have now removed it and gone to the 4 channel controls. I found that one motor would kick in before the other and it screwed up the operation of the boat terribly. I happened to be at the pond trying it when a much more knowlegible 'boater' arrived and after watching it for about 5 minutes of frustration convinced me to switch it back. We pulled out the mixer, reinserted the connectors and it now turns in it's own length. I have two mixers for sale!!


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