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Medway Queen and Britannia


Tony Mattson:
I've been very interested in reading the Medway Queeen debate - difficult to make informed comments when I'm half a world away and not intimately familiar with the ship - but I can surely understand the frustration that we PDers have at the unwillingness of the Heritage Lottery Fund to step up to the plate and help out.

I do have a suggestion (albeit simplistic) for the members of the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society and the Medway Queen Preservation Society, and that is to "present a united front". In my limited experience of seeking funding from our lotteries commission, the groups who present a united front and a clear vision of the outcome of funding are the ones who get results. The moment that the funders sniff infighting between groups with a common interest but different ideas about the way forward then they look for other causes to support.

It also seems to me that you may also have enough supporting evidence of the historical importance of MQ to be able to mount some sort of legal challenge to the criteria that designates Waverley as a core lister but ignores MQ, and that approach would certainly benefit from the combined efforts of both societies. Perhaps the support of your national Returned Servicemen's Association might not go amiss as well, if you have such a body.


I've just uploaded a scan of Britannia from my postcard - it can be found in the PS Britannia photo folder. A rather gloomy shot in my view - taken around 1910's by the look of her. I'll leave the large version in the folder for a few days so that intersted viewers can get a bit closer to the detail, what little there is of it to see.

Kind regards
Auckland, NZ


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