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1:25 scale Quarter-wheeler river Drogher

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Steven S:
I've been able to finish and mount the rudder.  Now I'm trying to work out the chain routing and how to attach it to the rudder and the servo.

Steven S:
Iím still not satisfied with the rudder linkage so I have been working on finishing some other areas of the boat for now.  My main holdup is that I have been assembling a sailboat I bought in February.  Several of us in my club have decided to try racing RC65 sailboats this summer as we have a new pond this year that is deep enough and clean enough for sailing.  It took more time than I thought, but Iím back to work on the drogher now

I have fastened down the boiler room and added some shelves for packages plus a bench and a water closet for passengers that might want to accompany their goods into town.  I also made some latches for the engine room and the front hatch.  Itís just a piece of brass rod bent into a ďUĒ that fits into two holes in the structure.  One leg is shorter than the other to make it easier to insert.  I also added braces under each motor as Jurgen suggested and my woodpile is still a work in progress. My next job is to roof the boiler/wheel room and then make a deck crane.  Deck cargo and cardboard boxes for the shelving are also on the agenda.

Very good work, the impression of the boat seems really original.

Steven S:
Thank you Thomas, yes Iím afraid it is entirely scratch built and bears little resemblance to any boat out there as there are no plans that I could find.  I looked at many pictures and read a lot of history on droghers and then built the boat I would have liked to pilot on the rivers back around 1900.
It is early summer/late spring here in Canada and there are other things to do, so work on the boat has slowed, but I have finished the boiler room and am now working on the deck hoist.  Iím planning on making it similar to Tomas Krejciís Lulonga.  I just have to make or buy the fittings for it.  Iím trying to figure out how the boom is connected to the derrick post.

Very interesting and well build model, Steven!


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