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Not long started this and I can't believe the photo came through.    I'm using 3mm  lite ply for the frames and I intend using 2mm lite ply for the planking.  When the hull is finished it will get a coat of fibreglass resin both inside and out.  A bit cold in the garage still hence the slow progress.

Eddy Matthews:
Progress is looking good so far - What scale are you building at?

I'd mount the frames onto a building board before attempting the planking though, otherwise it's likely to twist out of shape.



Can't remember the scale but it's just over four feet in length.   I've done a couple of plank on frame kits before and I intend doing just a couple of planks at a time whilst the thing is kept upside down and suitable weight on top.   After cutting out the frames I realised that  3mm lite ply is just a bit too flimsy.

I've been plodding along with the build over the past few weeks and today I cut the deck from a sheet of four feet 1.5mm ply which I have had for years.   A few mistakes have been made but some are easily overcome whilst others remain a bit tricky.  Paddle boxes are not finished and only placed alongside.   
Just wondering what is the easiest / simplest way of powering the thing.
Hopefully the images attach ok.

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