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Inspiring visit at Rhine Museum, Koblenz

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Good evenig, friends and neighbors,

today I drove back from my mother`s home to my home, again mostly along the Rhine river. It was a gloomy rainy day. But I visited the Rhine Museum in Koblenz. It was inspiring, a good mixture of technologie and art - I hope, also you will enjoy the pictures!


Thank you Thomas.......we also know you have some of your earlier Paddler models locked away at your Mothers home

There are some beautiful images of paintings shown

Do you know what caused the red colouration to leach up from the lake water to the Masonry brickwork in the image of Gutenfels Castle?....


Derek, this parts must be at the west side of the castle.  I think, the simplest explanation of the red colouration is the down going  sun in the afternoon or evening. Today the castle is nearly complete painted white. Just some other pictures of Rhine museum I will post.

Great set of pictures Thomas...thanks for posting,

The Rhine monitor is extremely interesting to me as I have a deep interest in mid 19c military history. I wasn't aware such craft existed as I have not consciously come across them before.

It also begs the usual translation question! English that war is called 'Franco-Prussian' war as 'Germany' wasn't created until Jan 1871; the german side being a coalition of german states under Prussia.

The model carries a German flag so has to be a post 1871 representation?

Your postings on historical items always prompt me to come back with historical questions!


Thanks, Bernie,

I suppose, the flag at the monitor must be the Prussian warflag for Rhine province. As far I know, there was no difference between the Prussian warflag before 1871 (establisment of Deutsches Reich) and after this date.


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