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today I drove back from my mothers home at the Rhine river. Between the Loreley and Kaub I met MS "Goethe". The boat was constructed 1913 at Sachsenberg shipyard, Cologne. In WW2 she was bombed and sunk. Until 1953 the boat was nearly completely new build, except boilers, engine and paddlewheels, a few years later she was converted to oil firing. In 1988 the boilers became defect, but it took some time to raise money for new boilers. In 1996 she was rebuild to the present appearance with new oil fired boilers. But for the company the cost of fire oil became too hight, therefore in 2008/2009 she was converted to diesel - electric propulsion. Yet it seems, that a small boiler remains for the original steam whistle...

 :clap :bravo :clap :bravo A lovely paddler.


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