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This etching "Les mangeur de girolles" by Phillipe Mohlitz I owned in my youth time. Unfortunately I lost the picture. I found the picture now in net.


My knowledge of Art is very limited indeed... :shoot

However my first view immediately reminded me of the work by a young  German guy Klaus Voormann?

He was a hanger on of the Beatles in the mid 60's and drew a few album covers [Revolver] for them........little pixies and gumnut people//


Yes, it`s also interesting.
By the Mohlitz etchings I estimate the the innumerable details and the mysterious atmosphere - it gives a glimpse of other side of the reality.
This picture I paint in 2010, it`s a longstern boat in front of Myanmar coast.

What's the translation of the title please?.....I'm quite adept at German but that beats me!!

The german translation is "Langschwanzboot" - even the English expression wasn`t correct - longtailboat must be right. The stem tube with engine and screw is one unit, the whole is revolving, also reversible. I saw this kind of boats only in south east Asia.



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