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smoke generation in a live steam system

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I already thought about this problem as well for my two model steamers. Both have bolilers with fire tubings and a reverse box inside. Fired with gas burners for a soldering system. There is enough heat on the end of the funnel, so I planned to make a little tubing system including a mini tank and fit it in the funnel. then to be filled with steam oil from a model railway.
But I did not yet realise, because the steam will be oily and bring oily fog on my models.
So they will remain wothout steam.. which would be ok as well. Both have their exhaust hole on their side in the hull, and the original ships hat big black clouds coming out of the funnel. How to imitate this? Burning plastics in the boiler?


I would really like to hear how wood down the stack works out.

As for the gas shutoff I havent had a chance to get a few pictures to show what I did to give you guys a good reply.  But I just used a DuBro smoke shutoff valve.
The propane feed line to the burner is silicon fuel tubing from the regulator to the burner adjusting valves.  I just put the dubro valve inline and it just pinches the tubing and stops the flow of gas with little effort.

Ill still work on getting pics

Hi, i know the thread is old, but it is not to late to tell you.. :)

I has Saito boiler with smoke generator, and i am showing the drawings how it works..

Hullo Mechanicboy........I understand your drawing and this is an interesting thought  :whistle

One issue I see with your setup is that the reservoir for the oil is now a pressurised  vessel [being subjected to boiler pressure] and so becomes another vessel that requires test & certification by the inspectors

regards Derek :beer

Hello Derek..

Oil reservoir as a pressure tank is not big as a steam boiler. There is no risk that it will explode if it is selected copper tube 30 mm in diameter with a wall thickness of 1 mm will withstand up to 14.6 kg / cm2 while the boiler is not greater pressures up to 6 kg / cm2 under working pressure for model steam engines. Length of oil reservoir can be short or large if you need small or large amount of oil, length is not critical under steam pressure. End wall thickness I would choose 2 mm since we need a place to mount the regulator valve and filling plug + fitting for steam pipe and larger bottom plate to fasten on model boat or baseplate.

The oil reservoir must be silver soldered.



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