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Paddle yacht comet.


Walter Snowdon:
A question for Alistair. In your book Glasgow and southwestern and other steamers, Page 118 you have a picture of a Paddle yacht of a type I have long wanted to build! I have been unable to find little detail on this paddler so do you have any further details?. Length,  other pictures, are there railings around the cabin roof, other sources of information. A tall order but if anyone knows, you will! Regards, Walter

Comet's history is sparse. I got that one photo from the Langmuir Collection at the Mitchell Library, and had to go down to the British Newspaper Library in Colindale to find a copy of the Bute  newspapers for 1893 to find adverts for her public cruises. The only other information I have is the entry in Lloyds Register of Yachts


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