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canvas lifeboat covers

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...the end result doesn't look too bad - but I haaven't tried the kitchen paper-and-pva method, which may have worked better...

thank you both, some good ideas. I will try some experimentation as soon as I get the rails done.

Eddy Matthews:
One thing I forgot to mention.... If you find the paper towel tears while brushing on the PVA, just use an old kitchen spray bottle, such as the thing Windowlene comes in, and spray the PVA on - A sheet of card or styrene placed behind the rails etc stops the spray from going everywhere! ;)


I used part of a shopping bag that was made of a"non woven" material, fixed in place and painted it looks ok ( on a steam tug, but not a paddle boat) :police:

the bombus:
you can also use the method i came up with
cut the cover out of a old shirt if you want it coulered let it soak in a cup of thea overnight (or longer)
put it on(when dried ) and give it a spray of starch from a spraycan
simple cheap and very realistic
gr from The Bombus


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