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1847 Panorama of London River


Brian Gates:
Just added to 2D Goggles (Sydney Padua's excellent Babbage and Lovelace comic) is a good quality scan of a panorama of the River Thames in 1847.

Plenty of paddle steamers in view, but the only one I can identify for certain is Pearl (1828) just downstream of Southwark Bridge.  Interestingly she is shown with the distinctive Diamond Steam Packet Company funnel markings, unlike the chequerboard markings of Brilliant (1823) in Frank Burtt's "Paddle Steamers of the Thames and Medway".

I think the steamer passing the East India Docks might be Herne, but it is hard to read, but have no idea what the steamer on the far right, carrying the letters STTO on her paddlebox might be.

Brian Gates

Thanks for the panorama. I'm a bit late here but maybe the llyods register page will click with someone. I can't find any translation of owners abbreviations but Thames Steam To..... Company seems logical here. 18 feet of copper engraving must have kept someone busy for a while.


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