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Victorian figures/people sets


Hi all,

I am looking for sets/packs of Victorians, at 1:48 preferably, but 1:50, 1:45/O gauge should be ok.

Had a quick look online, but any Victorians seem to be single figures or very small packs that are quite expensive. I would probably be looking for at least 100 or so, to populate my paddler.

I will have a more in depth search soon, but I was wondering if anyone had heard of bulk packs of these figures being available?


Hi Clark,
Unfortunately my searches for such figures have so far drawn blanks.

About 40 odd years ago my Dad used Slaters figures and my Mum decorated & fashioned them into Victorians using plastercine ...
Unfortunately if i asked Susan to decorate my figures i might have a long stay in hospital ... lol

That said and still faced with the problem, I am looking into having them cast but with my current work load i think it might be this spring before i can turn my attention to them.

Speak soon.

Hi Kim,

Yes I had a look at some Slaters figures just this morning. I think I will just get some figures for bridge/deck crew (better build the bridge then :D), and take it from there.

However it would be great if you cast some in the future, I think altering figures acceptably would be beyond me!!


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