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Paddle tug models on the Antiques Roadshow


BBC Antiques Roadshow last night featured a couple of paddle tug models about 20 minutes in

They were shown by a descendant of the founder of the William Watkins paddle tug company.

One was MONARCH, an 1830s paddle tug, similar to the one featured in Turner's famous painting "The fighting Temeriaire" showing an old wooden warship being towed to the breakers yard by a small smoky paddle tug.

The other was ANGLIA, a three-funnelled paddle tug from 1866 which featured in Paddleducks at the beginning  of last year
She had one funnel forward of the paddles and two athwartships aft of the paddles, and was the tug which rescued Cleopatra's needle when it lost the tow in the Bay of Biscay during a storm on the delivery voyage from Egypt ikn 1879. It was in a steel caisson and thus floated.

Both models were in glass cases and well detailed

Eddy Matthews:
Thanks Alistair, I hadn't watched the Antiques Roadshow, so I'd missed the tugs - Mind you it never ceases to amaze me what some of these models are valued at!

I won't mention the prices quoted in case it spoils it for someone else that missed the program!



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