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Walter Snowdon


Walter Snowdon:
I have been building model boats and ships for more years than I can dare to count!. I built my first model that worked (a yacht) when Iwas eight, and fifty-six years later I am still building. My rate of building for the last five years has been very slow to non- existant for family reasons, though by the end of this year I may be able to get some work done!. I am interested in all maritime fields but with a special love for paddle steamers. My first trip on a paddler was when I was six and went to sea on the paddle tug PS SEAHAM out of Seaham harbouir to tow my fathers ship into the coaling dock. Since then I have had a love affair with ships with wheels. I have sailed on several paddle tugs during the 1950s,plus Talisman, Jeannie Deans, Caledonia, Maid of the loch, Waverley, all three Castle boats, Jupiter, etc etc. (as Eddy once said, I can get into places a mouse couldnt!)  I have a very large refrence source of articles, books, photos, plans, timetables, postcards (about 800) etc on British paddlers which will eventualy find their way onto the site, plus a head-full of practical building info! Thats about it really.  May all your wakes be twin, regards, Walter.


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