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Paddle Tug "Anglia" Now Available at



Hi folks,
My model of the 1866 paddle tug "Anglia", aka "Three-Fingered-Jack" is now available at If you already own the obelisk barge "Cleopatra" from then you need to have the tug that towed her to England!

Model features:

- Waterline or full hull - your choice!
- Designed for 1/250 scale, but sufficiently detailed for 1/200 or larger scales.
- Length at 1/250 scale: approx. 21cm. Beam across paddle boxes: approx. 5cm
- Paddle wheels can be built to rotate.

The kit includes:

- 3 parts sheets (364 parts), some with backsides
- 4 sheets instructions and drawings
- 1 sheet historical notes
- Price: $12.95 as download only, $15.95 on CD-ROM.

Please let me know if you have any questions!



Eddy Matthews:
Oliver was good enough to let me know the Anglia was ready for release on saturday, and I promptly downloaded it as a present for Walter Snowdon.

He's delighted with it, and it could certainly be scaled up to produce a working model if anyone wants to do it - It would certainly make an unusual paddler on the water.


Stuart Badger:
Lovely result Oliver (I should be able to get one of those in each of Connaught's funnels!)



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