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Castle House Museum - waterline models


Hi all
(not sure this is in the right section )

I was down at theThe Castle House Museum in Dunoon yesterday to have a look at the waterline Kenilworth.
They had a few other interesting models so i have posted a couple of pics. The detail of some at such a small scale is superb! Materials used include Cellophane, calligrapphy pens etc. The builder of some was trained at the Glasgow School of art so i don't feel so bad about my efforts :)

Hi Kim,
Yes I agree there are some nice models in the museum, the ones on the sea scape bases are particularly detailed & lined by hand I believe.
The Kenilworth (1st photo, on the right) is the one I remasted & rerigged (I see a bit of rigging has come loose already..oooops) amazing paint job whoever built it even the name is hand painted!
Pity I didnt know you were coming down, I just work down on the pier, would have given me excuse for a skive & look at some models   ;D


Isn't that something.   Thank you for showing us.



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