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RMS Connaught , 1860 (was: taking pictures at the London Science Museum)

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Hi Oliver,

graceful elegant lines - remenbers to me to  the blockade runner "Hope" of the same decade.

If you get any further informations about her or sources of plans or drawings - please tell it to me.

I would be very interestet for some material.

regards Tom

I'll probably go there this weekend so I'll be sure to take a camera :)

The plans for the Connaught are in  John Scott Russell's book --A Modern System of Naval Architecture (1865), vol 3, plates CXXII and CXXIII and listed there as the Holyhead Royal Irish Mail Steamer.  They are complete and more than enough for any model project. Most of the plates are of ships he designed and a few by other designers but he was modest for everyone and didn't say which ships generally. In this case he mentions the sister ships and so it is easy to work backwards and discover it is the Connaught and Leinster built in Samuda's yard, the two others Ulster and Munster  built by Laird.

@Mick - thank you very much, I really appreciate it and look forward to the pictures!

@Greateastern - Thank you also - that's great news that plans do exist! I googled "A Modern System of Naval Architecture" immediately. Alas, I found no accessible copies within a reasonable distance from me.



So... I was actually able to find a copy of "The Modern System of Naval Architecture" at a university near me (I knew there was one good reason for living in Massachusetts) It took about an hour and $2.70, but now I'm proud possessor of a complete set of plans for the "Holyhead Irish Mail" steamer. The plans comprised hull lines half-breadth, sheer lines, profiles and deck plans for one four-funnel vessel, and more deck plans for a second, two-funnel ship. The four-funnel liner must be one of the other three sisters of the Connaught, because the plans show a square stern, whereas the Connaught model shows a round one. No matter, though, the second vessel has a round stern and appears to have generally the same dimensions, so I'll be able to cobble things together. Then again - is the Connaught model "Gospel", i.e. as-built? Who knows? Either way, this ought to be a splendid little project. Thank you all for supporting me!




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