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Paddle Tug "Anglia", 1866 by Walden Models

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I have progress to report... the parts sheets are done!

Stuart Badger:
That looks really pretty Oliver. It's so nice to see a resurection of a boat that would otherwise just exist as a memory and a damaged photograph - well done!


Eddy Matthews:
I'm amazed at how quickly you managed to produce that Oliver - You must spend all day everyday in front of the computer!! :hehe


Ha - quite the opposite, Eddy! The Anglia has been in off-and-on production for almost three years now. The hard part is building the digital model. Once that's done, Rhino3d allows you to unroll the surfaces easily. Then you just need to arrange them and add color where required. Still, a considerable amount of work is still ahead of me: the assembly instructions are tedious to do and take a long time to write & verify. Lastly, I always like to include at least one page of historical notes. Sometimes that's like pulling teeth, but the Anglia certainly has a storied history and I'm afraid it won't all fit on one page. The kit will also include the "Cleopatra", and I think I have to rework that kit a little as well.



Slowly, slowly the build progresses...
The wheels are an inch in diameter and are probably the fiddliest bit on the whole model - and most of them gets hidden under the paddleboxes! The little flare at the rear of the boxes is shown in neither plan, but it's quite evident on the photograph.




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