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Paddle Tug "Anglia", 1866 by Walden Models

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Progress! Alas, my workplace lighting still sucks, so don't mind the funny colors. What's new: I finished the bridge railing and ladder, added the funnel stays, steam pipes, windlass (handles need to be straightened), front ventilator cowling (thankfully, Anglia only has one!), blocks & samson posts, and tow hook assembly (I cheated and made it out of wire). The jumble of sticks aft are the towbars, I didn't manage to install those tonight.



Eddy Matthews:
The Anglia is looking superb Oliver!

There is one problem though.... You've now given me yet another project for the future - The future projects list just keeps getting longer!!


Hah! Tell me about it ...

Main mast is on. This was a bit of a challenge to make from paper, especially the needle-thin foremast. I inserted a long quilting needle into the lower mast and hardened the whole thing with CA glue. Rigging went on smoothly, but is only partially complete. This is actually my first experience with ratlines. So far they're only fixed on one side. - Oh, and the gaff is just kinda dangling there for show. It won't stay that way  The second picture shows the towbars.

Stuart Badger:
Truly a thing of beauty Oliver!

I envy you your ability to even SEE components that small, let alone handle or, heaven forfend MAKE them!!!!

Walks away muttering about taking up knitting! :sobbing



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