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Paddle Tug "Anglia", 1866 by Walden Models

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Hi all - I'd like to announce that I'm currently working on a 1/250th scale card model kit of the Watkins tug "Anglia", better known as "Three-fingered Jack". Below is a rendering of the current state of the model. I'm still tweaking features as I find none of my available plans match exactly the one photograph I have of the ship. If anybody has photos of the Anglia, please let me know! I expect to have the model kit ready sometime this Spring.



That's an interesting ship, I have never seen one with 3 funnels arranged that way. Did it have 3 boilers as well?

It did. The Anglia was designed as a long-distance tug and was for some time the largest and most powerful tug on the Thames. She gained fame for towing the disabled steamer "Syria" from St. Helena to London in 1875, then in 1878 she towed the barge carrying "Cleopatra's Needle" from El Ferrol to London. Here are two more renderings of the current state of the design.

Thanks to the help and advice of the kind Paddleducks, I'm making pretty good progress:

Eddy Matthews:
It's looking really good Oliver....

One thing I would say to any other members that perhaps haven't thought about it - Card kits are a great source for working models, all the parts you require are there, just rescale to the size you want and use different materials (wood or plasticard) and voilla, an almost instant kit....

I've done it a few times, and have a couple that will be made in the next few years, so don't dismiss card kits as a useful resource!



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