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I have started to collect bits of the Waverley. I managed to get one of the connecting rod brasses from the crosshead end (or small end). They were replacing the 12 of them. Did any other paddleduck members obtain one? See photo


Eddy Matthews:
What a great idea Robert! There can't be many people who have an actual part of the Waverley as part of their collection!!

How on earth did you hear of the parts becoming available? And who did you contact to get one?


Walter Snowdon:
Hi folks, there are usualy"bits" for sale while waverley is sailing. Generaly they are kept on the engine room walkway but a word with the engineer will usualy turn something up. I have waverleys name pennant and houseflag in my collection. They are used as table covers for displaying  models at exhibitions. In our club we have the white ensign from HMS Newcastle, battle ensign from MTB 319 plus various shipping company house flags, all of which make interesting display covers. We are always looking for more. Sandystrone from this site has the name pennant from PS JEANIE DEANS. I would KILL for that one!!!!. Regards, walter.

Last time I was on Waverley (last autumn) there were a row of used engine parts on sale to anyone interested!

Walter Snowdon:
Speak of the devil! A waverley Steam  Navigation house flag has just appeered on ebay starting at £40. Sorry I cant give the ebay reference I am still useless on anything not powered by clockwork or steam!. Regards, walter.


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