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My Collection of Paddle Steamer "STUFF"!!!


My paddler collection consists of a large amount of 'stuff'...

5 Port of Echuca bags
1 Adelaide NotePad
1 Port of Echuca T-Shirt
1 Riverine Herald
1 Source to Sea Video
5 paddle steamer mugs, port of echuca one, 2 Murray Princess, Industry, William Randell!
4 Wooden Boat Festival Catalogues
Echuca-Moama Tourist Maps
Echuca-Moama Official Victorian Government Tourist Guides
1 Port Calico bag
33 Pevensey Tickets
21 Alexander A Tickets
18 Adelaide Tickets
A lot of Port stickers
78 Postcards of Paddlers along the Murray
30+ Framed Historic Photographs of the Paddlers (Larger than A4) bought from Mannum Heritage Centre
A drawful of brochures
The original manuscript of "Ships of the Inland Rivers" given to me by Ron Parsons last time I visited him
A Rod Williams Personalised Signed Copy of Pioneering Pathways with the 5 limited edition Paddle Steamers Stamps
1 The Mission Paddle Steamer Etona Book
1 The River Trade Book
1 Riverboats Book by Rod Williams
2 Australisian Shipping Records
1 The boats that Made Australia
1 The Paddle Steamer Marion
1 The Paddle Steamer Adelaide
1 Paddlesteamers and Riverboats of the River Murray
1 Signed copy of Murray Darling Paddleboats, signed by John Waters and Peter Plowman
1 unsigned copy of Murray Darling Paddleboats
1 Paddlesteamers of the Murray River
1 DVD All the Rivers Run (Awesome)
1 DVD A Grand Old Lady
1 limited edition Paddle Steamer Stamp and Envelope
4 sets of Plans for the PS Marion (Framed)
4 signed prints by John Ford
2 limited Edition Photos of THE PEVENSEY and THE ADELAIDE
6 large laminated posters
and numerous drawings by ME!!!
and much much more - that was just off the top of my head...

But I am sure that this is small in the scheme of things, but I am still building... But that is the materialised stuff... I still remember being asked if I would like to help crew the PS Marion from Goolwa to Mannum, sadly I had to say no because I had school in 3 days. Doesnt school just ruin everything... grrrrrrrr.  

James McDougall
Victoria Australia

Now I have another 3 magnets and 4 postcards and 2 books!! The books are 'Where were you when the waters broke' (1956 Floods in SA) and one about the history of Morgan SA's largest inland port.

Well, the latest paddler collectable is a book from the 70's about the paddlesteamers, the photos are fantastic (worth scanning and posting I think) and I cant leave out the hull of the SJ..

This is slowly increasing:
The Pictorial History of Paddle Steamers (mentioned in another thread APAM List of Books)
3 x A3 size shots of the Pev, the Adelaide and the Alexander A
A biscuit tin with the PS Canberra
A mug with the Adelaide, Pev and the Alexander A on it with the wharf in the back ground
a tray with the same photo as above


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