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Hello all, while surfing tonight I came across this Dutch site which apppears to offer "card models" and in their portfolio there are a number of Paddle Steamers. Mainly European in style with an emphasis on Dutch vessels.

My Dutch is not too hot but they ssem reasonable.



Eddy Matthews:
Any chance of telling us who this mystery company is Jim? :-)

Sorry all, getting old and senile. I forgot to insert the link

I hope you get on better this time around

this is one to look out for Radarboot MV-PS022 1:100

this may also help if you want to try your hand at paper modelling



Eddy Matthews:
Cheers Jim,

One of my fellow club members often takes these card kits and rescales them on his computer - They then make an excellent basis as plans. He uses Balsa plated with plastic-card for the hull and uses the card templates for all the superstructure and fittings, It's amazing some of the things he manages to turn out using this technique!

Hmmm what a great plans!

I create model card buildings for my miniature war games...i end up needing alot of carboard though! But I'd say I'm pretty good at card models!


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