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Ok this is my very latest paddle steamer collection!

At a market I visit regularly there is a lady who sells swap cards and for the last two visits I have basically taken all her stock when it comes to paddlers!

I now have both Australian and world paddlers and now there are about 15-20 cards in my collection.

One is very interesting. I don't know if its a real boat or not but this one card features a sidewheeler called the 'Brooklyn'

It appears to be a ferry because of a gate at the front of the boat. The weird part is though it looks like the boat it cicular. The wheel housing appears to go around the boat. It has a tower in the middle which is probably where the steering wheel is and then an incredibly large funnel!

The boat has a horse and cart and passengers on board.

When I get some time I will scan in all my cards and a special up close scan of this one card which has the interesting 'Brooklyn' if you know anything about this boat please post it below.

If you also have collectable cards please post below!

Walter Snowdon:
Good on yer! I too collect paddler memorabilia, its a great hobby. Tell me, by swap cards, do you mean those small cards you used to get in tea packets and with cigarettes and sweets, or post cards?. I have in excess of 1000 post cards of paddlers in my collection. Regards, Walter

I have a few postcards- a doozy from I'd say about the 20's of the Echuca Wharf with barge. it's printed in Germany and is probably hand tinted. It cost me $15 I also bought a card from the 1950's of the Coonawarra at Echuca for $15.

No the swap cards are simply like card deck cards with those pretty pictures on the back. I asked mum to bring out her collection to see if she had any... she didn't but the lady at the market did.

On the line of cards and of the like I have 100's of tourist leaflets to do with's kind of corny but they're free and easy to collect and store!

Then again I really keep everything related to paddlers. Did you know Echuca's Post Stamp 9As in the ones the post office stamps on) has the Adelaide and the Echuca wharf on's amazing!

Sean, Where exactly is this market you speak of... and yes paddle steamer collections are great!! I agree fully with you and Walter!!

It's actually called Akuna Park market...but it's not anywhere near Akuna...unless thios area is also called Akuna. I'm not sure exactly where though


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