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Sad news


Eddy Matthews:
It is with deep sadness that I have to report that "Scotfriend", Hans Juergen Freund, sadly took his own life last month.

Hans was a long time member and supporter of Paddleducks, and when my wife Roz died almost 11 years ago now, he was one of the first people who came to show his support in my hour of need - I only wish I had known about his severe depression so I could perhaps of helped him in his hour of need!

He will be VERY sadly missed! Rest in peace my friend...


 :sobbing :sobbing :sobbing :sobbing :sobbing

Thanks Eddy....sadly acknowledged.............

Hope  the image of his Paddler sitting on the transport kept in our random WEB Pictures.......our long term Members will know


Walter Snowdon:
This is terrible news. I looked on Hans as a good steadfast friend - meeting him on numerous occasions both through Paddleducks and on-board Waverley. He was good company. Thing must have been terrible for him to leave us in this way. And if the gods are good you will always hear the echo of paddle beats. Rest in peace my dear friend. Walter.

RIP, dear Hans


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