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LUX Shipyard in Mondorf/Germany


On chrismas I visited my old mother in her industrial city on west bank of Rhine river. Nearly opposite on east bank in the small town of Mondorf there is the well known LUX shipyard. In 2001/2002 they made dieselhydraulic paddler "Herrsching" for Lake Ammersee and a little later a new version of paddler "Diessen" for the same lake. The ships hull on the Rhine came to Mannheim, where the superstructure was dismantled. Hull and superstructure now were transported on special heavy trucks the further 300 km to Lake Ammersee. At Stegen - port at northern Lake - all was completed again. The "Herrsching" is a nice paddler in the continental tradition.
The 2 Deutz diesel engines produces together 1030 hp, wheels can be regulated independly and the consumption of fuel is low. I don`t have a picture of new paddler "Diessen", she is a slighly enlarged variation of the old "Diessen" of 1908, which was no more corresponding to the new safety instructions. The propulsion is similar to the "Herrsching".

Picture of the new "Diessen".

Hullo Tomas.......the only real question, why did they relocate the Paddlers to new lake/rivers? :squareone.......we see videos of the Rhine as so exciting with those two story glass topped thin hotels on water going in all direcctions from Budapest to ?? & back again along the Rhine

My brother & sister in law expereinced a 14 day cruise...she complained ......but it was her idea to book?......I could spend a year going backwards & forwards  :vacation

Did the Paddlers with their 1 day trips & no accommodation have a conflict with the newer modern floating hotels?

Compliments for 2021  :beer......Derek   

Hi Derek,

I think, the 1 to 3 hour cruises of the pleasure ships in nice landscapes are classical for younger and older passengers - also not very expensive. I remember when I was a child, the anticipated joy of a paddlesteamer cruise on Rhine river. The following trip was joyful for 1,5 to 2 hours - special for looking the engine maneuvers - but for longer time is became boring.
An adult person would be more able to appreciate the changing pictures of mountains, rocks, small old cities and so on. I don`t made a longer cruise tour until yet,
but IŽ ve heard about Danube and Rhine tours with modern cruise ships, which must be very interesting and at the same time relaxing. So I don`t think, that there is any conflict between the day cruisers and the floating hotels.

I wish all members a happy new year, a better one than 2020!


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