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Thanks mate, Im totally confused now so somewhere between 150 to 300 RPM would be OK depending on the model size etc.
Could you ask the question has anyone built a 50:1 scale model of the Navy tug Fearless if so could they help me by advising The RPM for fixed scale twin paddles on this particular model is that possible please.

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william stafford:
my recomend is 300\350 rpm, for a side wheeler,i run mine at about 50\75% full power, depending on the weather, if its windy, flat out.
stern wheelers are slower, but be carefull, too slow no thrust
you can always throttle back w speed control , but you cant get extra revs out of a motor\gear box.
i now try to use HTD belts, rather than MXL, who have sn
maller teeth


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