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Belle Steamers


John S:
When I joined Paddleducks a short while ago I asked a question about the steamer that appeared to have two cables stretching out from the stern. Today while searching for paddle ferries I came across a site that showed this ship but had the name and date at the bottom of the photo. Since she was used on the English East coast between London and Great Yarmouth and knowing that even today there is a fearsome current plus very tight radius bend where the River Yare enters the sea between Yarmouth and Gorlestone I think the photo must have been taken for the postcard just to the seaward side of the bend. If the link on the attached word doc works then lots of photos of Belle Steamers can be found otherwise by devious computer means then somehow this might be made to work as well.
As and aside a few years ago while on a day out to Yarmouth we saw on then Yarmouth side of the river Waverley up on a pontoon so must have been winter time , might go onto Waverley site and see if I can find out more.


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