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Big clean out prior to moving 1400km to NSW

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60% of my tools have gone to new home a friend of my sons came with a van & trailer and left with car & trailer full to capacity.

Lathe & mounted tool racks, paint & glues & perhaps the work benches next, prior to pulling the sheds apart.

Sad to say this will be the end of modelling for me.

I'm really sorry to hear that Damien, I am sure it will be a very difficult change and upheaval for you.

You have my sincere commiserations.

Maybe you could now concentrate on your clear artistic talent?

I am also sad, to hear that you gave your tools in another hands, Damian. Why?


Thanks mate,
It's been months since I've spent more than a few minutes in the workshop Keeping a few things but Damien Jnr took what he wanted giving away the rest including the 2 -3.6m x 2.4m sheds in return for pulling it apart & taking it away.

Thomas I've lost large parts of my memory & couldn't work out how to put a small plastic paddler together so rather than transport all the sheds & tools 1400km when we move close to Damien Jnr & his family I decided to give it to father & son friends if they'll take whats left away.


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