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deprived childhood


neil howard-pritchard:
I lead a deprived [some say depraved] childhood, as I never had a yacht to sail, and is probably why I went into scale and kept with it from the age of 8.....

but then came along this little beauty on ebay, and I just had to have a bid.....won it for 62 quid....a steal......and it is so beautifully built, plank on frame, i'm so looking forward to sailing it this summer. it has a beautiful set of nice calico sheets, a motor and prop shaft fitted, and only needs a servo and esc fitting to make it a nice little sailor.....


Double & diagonal 1st layer of planks to boot.......& the died Calico sheeting is so prototypical of the Waxed Falxen originals  :terrific................


Blurry marvelous Neil  :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap


  Hi Neil.

  Its very nice, Love the colour of the sails.
  And it has a rudder servo and motor, You did very well. :s_cool


Walter Snowdon:
Very nice and a bargain to boot. Looking forward to some pictures sailing!. At first I thought it was Joshua Slocums SPRAY but I was mistaken. For those interested it is YAWL rigged- The rear mast is BEHIND the rudder post. If it was in front it would have  been a ketch. How long is the hull?. Regards, Walter.


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