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Hi Kim

Very aware of you. Also as I said in my previous message I assumed you are always at the Coalville show which I didn't realize wasn't on this year until I read your post in this thread.

Yes we had a brilliant show thanks. Pity you were unable to join us after all.

Iain Quinn was telling me in a conversation during the show that he had furnished you with the details enabling you to attend if you wanted.

He said you never got back to him apparently.

Anyhow. It is the intention to stage the show again next year with a similar diary date yet to be confirmed. I'm sure we'll see you there.

Kind regards


Hi Andrew,
Nothing received from Ian.
We were given another email form the west coast Facebook page and every time we get no response.

We have been given the run around for three years now .. fourth time lucky maybe... lol

Disappointing but hey ho...
 More so this year as we have just pulled a lord of the isles and a Hebrides (calmac) in the last week and sure they would have created interest.

Thread now locked.


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