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Hallo friends and neighbors,

here you will find an interesting article with photo of one of the last remaining indian paddlesteamers, PS "Bhopal":

Thanks for that. The Bhopal looks like the Denny paddlers of the 19th c . There are many drawings (some I which I scanned and put of PD a year or so ago, in the Denny List (4 vols).
here are some additional readings and a website dealing with the British India shipping Co which lists all the ships.
Chubb, H. J.
Irrawaddy Flotilla Company Limited, 1865-1950 / by H. J. Chubb and C. L. D. Duckworth.

McCrae, Alister.
Irrawaddy Flotilla / by Alister McCrae and Alan Prentice ; with a foreword by Bernard Fergusson.

Irrawaddy Flotilla Company.
Hand book of sailings and general information [microform].
british india steamship company

Roderick Smith:
What a great find.  I am an IRFCA member, but hadn't seen this article before.

See also the thread
It has my photos of survivors in 1977.
PS Gomati and PS Yamuna.  I guess that there was a third, as the timetable needed two full time.
SWPV (SWPS?) Wyuna, SWPV Bhadra and SWPV (Rorseus?).

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

here are the drawings of the Bhopal denny yard No1390-3 205 1/2 including rudder (200ft oa without rudder, 60 ft 6 3/8 /31 x 8 3/4 ft + 5 1/4 ft 9 floats per paddle

Thank you for the drawings of PS "Bhopal".

I presume, itīs not too difficult to get the very interesting book from captain Chubb from amazon, so I did it a few years ago.
Anyone, who is interested about Irrawaddy paddle- and screwsteamers will find a fulness of informations with additional historic photos.

From National Maritime Museum some plans of Irrawaddy steamers are availiable. I got the plans of PS "China" from 1888 and one of the last build paddlesteamers of 1946. I still have  the plan for building a steamdriven model in 1 : 48, in Glasgow Transport Museum must bei a accurate model of the similar "Nepaul".

Roderick: Are the Rocket dieselised paddlers in Bangladesh still in use? If I remember in the right way, you once took a trip on a rocket steamer some years ago?


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