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Thankyou for your quick response.

I will need an engine for my next project and I will contact you as soon as I finish the present project.


No problem Alan. My email address is listed on my profile if you want to send any more questions through. Regards, Ian.

As a bit of an update here is a photo of the 20/20 (20mm bore and 20mm stroke) double acting vertical twin. Again available as a full kit of billet material and all the neccessary fasteners etc. A lovely engine for a bigger boat, capable of pushing most hulls along while just ticking over gently.  I would also appreciate a bit of feedback on what size of horizontal twin would be of most interest so I can get the engine man to work on a paddler engine. Thanks, Ian.

Any news regarding these engines? Are they available for sale?

Yes they are available Kno although the gentleman who makes them has slowed down a little and just makes a batch every now and again. I just sold a 20/20 for him about a week ago and I ran my 16/16 in a 50" Picket Boat hull for the first time on Sunday. It turns a 3" four blade prop no problem and does scale speed on half throttle so I am very pleased with it. We did not get any feedback on horizontal cylinder paddler engines so he did not follow that idea any further. Send me a PM or email if you need more info or photos. Cheers, Ian.


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